Let's Love Aleppo

Rochelle PorterComment

Friends. You're undoubtedly aware of the myriad horrors happening in Syria right now. Countless Aleppans have lost their homes, health, and lives. Thankfully, there are humanitarian organizations on the ground that bring much-need food, water, and medical attention to those impacted by this conflict. 

From now until December 25, 50% of the proceeds from every pillow, pouch, or phone case you purchase will help families in Aleppo get the emergency supplies they need to survive--and eventually thrive--in the wake of trauma.

We're choosing to donate the funds to Preemptive Love Coalition. Check out their website to learn more about their core values, and their response to the Aleppo crisis thus far.

 I can't guarantee delivery by Christmas Eve (I'm not Santa), but if you're in Metro Atlanta, there's a chance that may hand-deliver your order sometime this week. 

Thanks for partnering with RPD to bring hope and light to Syria this Christmas season!

love (literally),